“Peeing Incident” Alison Had on the Mad Men Set
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Alison Brie is an accomplished actress, writer, producer, wife, friend, daughter…the list goes on. She’s been in the entertainment industry since 2004 when she got her start in a short film. She really made headlines back in 2006 when she was given a chance to take on a small part on the hit Disney series, “Hannah Montana,” and she really made fans when she was cast as Trudy Campbell in “Mad Men”. She was part of the show from 2007 to 2015, starring in a total of 36 episodes. Her fanbase grew exponentially. She became a household name.

She became a face everyone recognized, and she only grew more famous each time she took on a role following that one. In 2011, she became even more famous when she attended a Mardi Gras event in New Orleans and met actor Dave Franco. He’s famous for many roles, and when the two began dating, they were everywhere in the press. Everyone knew her name, and they only continued to follow her when the couple got engaged in 2015 and later married in 2017. While they do not have children – she once told Larry King she’s not interested in having any of her own – they aren’t slowing down at all. They are focused on their careers, on their marriage, and on so many other things.

On that note, one of the most famous things she ever did was wet her pants on the set of “Mad Men”, and people still love to talk about it. In fact, we want to talk about it right now as she recently opened up about the incident no one would have ever known about had she not discussed it with Justin Long on the “Life is Short,” podcast.

What Exactly Happened?

It turns out that there are many things that go down when you are playing a role in a period show. “Mad Men,” was a show set in the 60s, which meant that the actors and actresses playing roles in the show had to wear the appropriate clothing for the time. In that time, women were known to wear girdles. It was unacceptable to look anything but curvy and ladylike, and Alison Brie had no idea how to wear one appropriately. You see, you wear a girdle as your undergarments. There is no need to wear anything under that. But, she didn’t know. She did not know you don’t wear panties under a girdle.

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